Northeast Solar joins #ittakes5villages to support local businesses

Shopping locally is always important, but this year it means more than ever. All of the small family owned small businesses that help to make up the character of our little corner of Massachusetts are really relying on the community to make it through the end of this pandemic. And besides, there are SO many great makers, artists, vintage shops, and restaurants to support and you can bet that you won’t find anything as unique on Amazon.

In addition to gift buying, you have the chance to give to some great organizations doing work to help our neighbors everyday. Places like the The Brick House Community Resource Center and even the Montague Public Libraries can always use your support.

#ittakes5villages of individual actions to build resilience. Will you join us?

Here are 10 things you can do to support the community this season. Be sure to follow the link at the end of this list where you will find a listing of places you can support.

  1. Buy super local. Shop in Montague Center, Millers Falls and Turners Falls this holiday.
  2. Give gift certificates.They are safe, convenient and will help local business make it through the season.
  3. Find one-of-a-kind. Galleries are full of the most creative gifts, or buy direct from an artist, author, crafter or musician.
  4. Get crafty. Make your own gifts with inexpensive upcycle materials. Bake. Build. Knit. Sew!
  5. Think vintage. It’s way cooler, not to mention easy on the wallet.
  6. Be practical. Friends and family experiencing hardship will appreciate a gourmet food item, specialty beverage, home good, beauty product or service.
  7. Save the stage. Donate or buy  a gift certificate for a future show at a performance venue
  8. Multi-task. In addition to wrapping your presents, the Montague Reporter “Gift Paper Edition will entertain your kids, support artists and keep the press rolling!
  9. Help the Helpers. Make a donation to a local food bank, social service organization, community center, non-profit or animal shelter.
  10. Spread the Love. Tag #ittakes5villages on Facebook

    Find a complete list of places to support at:

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