Our commitment to the community

We’re not the biggest solar company in the Pioneer Valley, but we have a huge heart. Northeast Solar is committed to serving 100% local and independent clients. We support some of the area’s most dynamic non-profits whose work supports and sustains the community.


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We've partnered with PhippenAdams LLC, a non-profit solar initiative, bringing solar to 40+ Valley organizations in Western MA, from wildlife sanctuaries to survival centers.  As a local team deeply rooted in the community, we actively support events like Monte's March, Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuaries Solstice celebration, The Hot Chocolate Run, and other programs promoting food justice, environmental causes, arts, and athletics that benefit our community.

For over ten years, the professionals at Northeast Solar have been installing money-saving solar arrays for homes, businesses, and farms all over Western Massachusetts. Over that time we have fine tuned our design and  installation processes to meet the demands of our most discerning clients. From our smallest array in Montague at only five panels, to our largest array at a Whately farm at over 2500 panels, we approach every installation with professionalism and install our systems with care and precision.

So far, we have helped save Pioneer Valley residents $35 million on energy bills with over 1,500 site installations.

Saving on your utility bill is just the start.

The Bay State is home to the fifth-highest utility rate in the nation! Owning solar for your home is the easiest way to reduce the amount you pay for electricity. Going solar in Massachusetts comes with state and federal tax credits, a fast 5-7 year payback period, and Renewable Energy Certificates (or RECs) cash payments that make the cost of installing solar panels more affordable than ever before.

Solar is a heavily supported technology in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is offering some fantastic incentives for solar in 2024. When you buy solar, you get a $1,000 state tax credit, a 30% federal solar energy tax credit, REC solar cash incentives, and savings on your electric bill for years to come making the cost of solar panels much less than you might think.

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