“There are so many reasons to go solar. We’ve exceeded the solar production that was estimated, so we really couldn’t be happier with these panels.””

-Eric Berzins, General Manager and Head Brewer, Fort Hill Brewery

Business Solar has never been this easy.

Boost your bottom line with solar for your business.

Solarizing your business is a sure way to lower your expenses and save money through energy savings, tax credits and by stabilizing long-term energy costs. We’ve helped businesses all over the Valley go solar — from Fly By Night, a furniture retailer, to Coopers Corner and State Street Market, local grocery stores in Florence and Northampton. Our systems are saving local businesses everyday.

Solar says a lot about who you are to potential customers.

People are increasingly concerned with where they spend their money, and more and more consumers are turning to companies who demonstrate a commitment to the community. Installing solar on your business says that you care about the climate, the community, and a sustainable local economy.

According to a recent study by IBM, “Nearly six in ten consumers surveyed are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact. Nearly eight in ten respondents indicate sustainability is important for them. And for those who say it is very/extremely important, over 70 percent would pay a premium of 35 percent, on average, for brands that are sustainable and environmentally responsible.”

Benefits of Solar for Your Business

System component costs at the lowest ever

25 year system guarantees

Easy financing available through local community banks

26% General Business Tax Credit – Allocated one year back and carried twenty years forward

6-9 year payback period

Five year accelerated depreciation on 85% of the full system cost

Eliminates volatility and stabilizes long-term energy costs

Reduces electrical demand charges

Builds sustainability into your company

Solar is just the start.

Northeast Solar has been designing and installing solar for over ten years. Over that time, we have worked to fine-tune our products and services to include a number of sustainable home technologies like backup batteries and generators to make your home a stand-alone power plant that will lick in automatically in the event of a winter storm or midsummer outage.

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Give us a call at 413.247.6045 or fill out the form below, and we’ll help answer any questions you might have about the process and whether solar is right for you and your business energy needs. Our five simple steps to solar keeps you informed and engaged in the process while focusing on what matters most to you. We look forward to helping you consider solar for your business!

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