Share the sun referral program!

Imagine getting paid just for talking to your friends, family, and neighbors about the benefits of solar? With the Share the Sun program, you can do exactly that! With our easy-to-use referral program, you can be a part of the solar revolution. Where there is light, there is power!

Refer a friend, family member, or neighbor to Northeast Solar and you could earn $500 when their system is activated.

Easy and rewarding

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn through the program and there are absolutely no risks or costs associated.

Just Share the Sun with your local network of people and earn easy extra income!

Want to learn how to get started?

Give us a call to find out more about the program and we can help you get up and running.


Give us a call at 413.247.6045 or fill out the form below, and we’ll help answer any questions you might have about the process and whether solar is right for you and your home energy needs.